Rakuvaria extrem

The clay for extreme firing techniques

In cooperation with Ine & Ed Knops, the popular authors of Rakuvaria, we developed two new Raku bodies with the name Rakuvaria extreme in the colours white and salmon.

Arno Witgert
Download Flyer Rakuvaria extrem

Modelling & firing on one day

With "Rakuvaria extreme" are various firing techniques in an open fire possible. Both bodies contain 60% grog of the size 0-3 mm and are recommended by Knops for extreme Raku firing, shaping and firing within one day.

Hand building and polishing

This “rough” clay which contains a lot of grog can still be finished to a smooth surface, using a kidney and a pebble. Firing higher than 1200°C in a wood-firing kiln. After a few hours of cooling, we can see the results: as from 1200°C it becomes a glaze!

Rakuvaria extreme in a microwave and in a warm bone dry state, raku fire in the “hotpot”. From the hotpot, a few minutes into the sawdust, after that cool the piece in water, polish and finish.

Detailed information will be found in the booklet "Extreme firing techniques" by Ine & Ed Knops. The booklet as well as the bodies are distributed at Knops and at specialist shops.