In the meantime, the company is also engaged in the procurement, assurance and sale of secondary raw materials for the ceramics industry. These include grog from broken ceramics of all types, e.g. bricks, tiles and sanitaryware, but also alumina porcelain from insulators, mullite from broken kiln rollers, lightweight chamotte from broken lightweight firebricks or cordierite from broken kiln furniture.


Clay raw materials are also produced as a by-product in the extraction of sand and gravel, coal or other rocks and in the processing of these raw materials as filter cake. Filter cake from waste-water treatment in the sanitaryware industry is also sold as a high-grade raw material for the production of tiles and bricks.

In addition, refractory raw materials, alumina and corundum filter dust with Al2O3 content > 90 % are supplied. Boron glass from medical applications is finely ground as a low-cost substitute for frits.

Download technical data
Download technical data