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Mining by tradition since 1820

The company Arno Witgert has been mining clays since 1820 and is thus the oldest clay mining operation in the Westerwald area of Germany. In recent decades the trend has been to process quarried clays into ceramic bodies. These days Witgert supplies some 150,000 tonnes of ceramic raw materials annually to all parts of the World. Of course the German market constitutes the largest sector, but exports have nonetheless grown to a sizeable 40%. Although the most important export countries are in Western Europe, ever increasing numbers of customers are in Eastern Europe and North Africa, together with the Middle and Far East. Witgert supplies all types of clay-user, ranging from the roof-tile factory down to the individual hobby-maker, from porcelain-producer to landscape gardener.

Services made to measure

It is good to keep your eyes fixed on a target in front of you. But if you forget to look to the left and right as well, you will run the risk of falling short in your intentions. We think outside normal boundaries, but our actions are straightforward. This is how we come up with ideal results which, in therms of efficiency and practical orientations, go far beyond what is usually offeres by standard solutions in the industry. That is also the reason why we have been a strong and reliable partner for our costomers for nearly 200 years whenever they need supplies of ceramic raw materials and prepared bodies.


Witgert has been a family-owned company for eight generations. The experience and expertise acquired over such a time in a single segment could not be better or more solid.

Tradition since 1820

product diversity