Ready-made plastic bodies

chamotted and unchamotted/grogged and non grogged

Ready-made plastic bodies can be supplied, according to the demands of the customer, from

  • Powders (dry-processed)
  • Flakes (semi wet-processed)
  • Filter cakes (wet-processed)

They are vacuum-extruded and supplied in clots of standard format 13 x 13 cm cross-section, ca. 33 cm long (corresponding to 10 kg). Alternatively they are supplied in various special formats, according to customer requirements. In this way the consistence of the body is adjusted to standard or to customer specification.


Ready-made plastic bodies are supplied loosely palletted or in individual 10 kg packs.


Earthenware is, by definition, white and porous. In principle, earthenware can be produced from every white-firing stoneware clay, provided that it is not fired to full density. However, our earthenware bodies purposely contain additions of calcite, dolomite and/or feldspars, in order to optimise the resistance of the earthenware body against impact (also at the edges). These additives also optimise glaze-fit and reduce the expansion due to moisture.


Stoneware has, by definition, a light or more intense colour and it is dense. In order to produce a stoneware piece from a stoneware body, it is necessary to fire the body above a certain, minimum temperature. This will vary from body to body, as will the corresponding dwell time.

Witgert produces stoneware bodies for firing temperatures between 1055°C to 1350°C with fired colours white, red, black, extra black, brown, leather-coloured, yellow, cream-yellow/grey, anthracite and Indian Summer.


Porcelain is, by definition, white, dense, and furthermore translucent. Witgert produces, in the form of Body No. 011 “Mont Blanc”, the whitest and most translucent ceramic body on the market. Nevertheless the body is characterised by an excellent plasticity and good refractoriness.

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Download technical data
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